The Best Motorcycle Helmets, According to Experts

- by Hilary Reid

We’re grilling experts all the time, whether we’re searching for the best potting soil to buy, the most effective treatments for cystic acne, or the “softest” tennis rackets for beginners. To make it onto our list, every product has to be recommended by at least two experts — the result is a definitive guide to what the people who know what they’re talking about really stand behind.

We don’t mean to nag, but: If you’re going to ride a motorcycle, you really should wear a helmet. Whether you’re considering lessons or already have a few cross-country trips under your belt, there are plenty of stylish and safe options out there. But which to choose? We consulted with ten bikers, shop owners, and the founder of the New York City Classic Riders about the best helmets for beginners, for riding on the back of someone’s bike, for listening to music while you ride, and more.



Sena Momentum Full Face

Craig Filipacchi, of Filipacchi in New York, likes the Sena Momentum INC because it lets him listen to music while he rides. Filipacchi says, “I’ve become addicted to listening to music, directions and talking on the phone while riding so these days I’m leaning strongly towards helmets that do that well.” He names the Sena Momentum INC as his favorite for its “integrated speakers, mic, noise canceling and ambient sound,” and says, “the sound is great (for a helmet) and the noise canceling works well at low speeds.” And while it’s true that noise canceling doesn’t work at highway speeds, he says, he wears the helmet while riding through New York City on a “completely silent, belt-driven Zero electric motorcycle. It’s like listening to music in a soundproof room. Very relaxing and peaceful. My son rides with me occasionally and also wears a Sena and we chat on the intercom while riding which is fun.”


Shoei Neotec II Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

Filipacchi also recommends the Shoei Neotech II with integrated Sena Bluetooth speakers and mic. He says it’s similar to the Sena Momentum, but it has a flip-up visor (though it doesn’t have the noise-canceling capability.) Don Gomo, a member of the New York Classic Riders, also recommended this one, saying it’s “comfortable for all-day riding, and fairly quiet for a modular helmet.”


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