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Technical Highlights:

  • The residual impact energy carried to the head is minimized by 36 percent in comparison to the limit set up by ECE regulations.
  • The HIC index is 48 percent below the limit founded by ECE regulations.
  • The standard visor movement region has been reduced by 71 percent in comparison to the GP-Tech helmet. This permits utilization of the space saved to enhance the thickness of the absorption material, benefiting safety.
  • The visor is Class 1 optical standard certified for outstanding vision.
  • The field of vision is 15 degrees wider and the overall visor window region has increased by 9 percent in comparison to the previous helmet, without worrying about diminishing its level of protection.
  • The Z-Lift index has been reduced by 44 percent after wind tunnel tests.
  • The air intakes have practically tripled in size.
  • Lining is constructed of breathable Lycra micro porous and Dry Comfort fabric with sanitizing treatments and is completely detachable and cleanable.
  • Padding has a 3-D concave structure that is pre shaped according to the characteristics of the head and is extremely comfortable.