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Packing enough power and agility to stealthily dice through virvually any urban obstcale, this mean supermoto is also ready to tackle the tightest sections of your local track. The Zero FXS is capable of blistering acceleration, crushing that grocery store run (or your track rivals).

Stealthy Supermoto
Quick. Mean. Compact. With precise handling and blistering acceleration, the Zero FXS stealthily shreds any urban slalom or conquers your local track with tarmac carving fierceness. Combining off road ruggedness with on-road agility, the Zero FXS is the ultimate way to cut through the concrete jungle.

“This bike provides more effortless fun than I can ever remember experiencing on a street bike.” – RIDE APART

Powerful. Minimalist.
The Zero FXS delivers unfiltered thrill by combining our most compact Z-Force® powertrain with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires and the off-road DNA of the Zero FX. No shifting or clunkiness. Directly connect your desire for speed with instant, massive, silent, and seamless acceleration.

Zero App
Transform performance profiles with the press of a button to perfectly conquer city streets or your local supermoto track. The Zero FXS is pre-programmed with Eco or Sport modes. Connect using your mobile device to customize performance or get stats on your ride.

Charging. No station needed.
Standard outlet. Done. No special charging equipment required. Your household outlets just became “fueling” stations that deliver daily rides at a fraction of the cost of gasoline. Ride up to 90 miles a day in the city and plug in overnight to start the next day with a full “tank.”

Need a faster charging solution? Use accessory Quick Chargers to cut charge times by over 60%.

Pass on service.
Imagine savage performance delivered without tedious and greasy servicing regimes. Forget oil changes, spark plugs, clutches, filters, chain adjustments or expensive tune-ups. Instead, a carbon fiber belt cleanly connects the rear wheel to an air-cooled Z-Force® motor that uses a single moving part. Swap threadbare tires. Replace used-up brake pads. Ride.

Always advancing. Code for the Z-Force® powertrain is constantly refined to deliver improved performance. The Zero App easily delivers the upgrades using your mobile device.

Go the distance.
The Zero FXS travels up to 90 mi when traversing city streets. At its core is Zero’s most compact and lightweight Z-Force® battery that, like rest of the lineup, boasts the highest power and energy density in the EV industry.

Don’t need the range and looking for Zero’s most economical model? Drop some weight. The Zero FXS ZF3.6 cuts the battery’s weight and size by roughly fifty percent. Add a second battery module at any time to match the range and performance of the ZF7.2.

Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force battery is the most power and energy dense in the EV industry. The ZF6.5 offers a maximum battery capacity of 6.5 kWh that delivers up to 90 miles of city riding.

The battery is designed to last and backed by a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

The Zero FXS powerplant produces up to 78 ft-lbs of torque. The air-coooled Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor delivers impressive performance and fierce acceleration, whihc works in conjuction with regenerative braking to channel energy back into the battery.

No heavy, complicated or expensive liquid cooling. No routine maintenance. No fuss. This is the industry’s most efficient, powerful, and compact motor.

Twin projector beam headlamps flood the road ahead with light, and an integrated fly screen adds an aggressive styling touch.

Minimalist. Cool blue LCD. The Zero FXS dash projects the specs you need: speed, state of charge, power output, selected riding profile, projected recharge time. Sync with you smartphone to turn it into a secondary customizable dash or view detailed ride stats.

The Zero FXS’s Showa suspension offers outstanding articulation and full adjustability. With nearly 9 inches of rear travel, the Zero FXS offers superior damping to smooth out the road’s imperfections.

Wheels and Tires
The Zero FXS’s responsive handling matches its lean, mean looks. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires are mounted on stylish cast alloy wheels to form a system that delivers maximum grip. A hollow front axle shaves unsprung weight to improve handling.

The Bosch anti-lock brake system (ABS) delivers confident braking. Tested for just about any situation you can imagine, the system optimizes deceleration under hard braking. Braking is actuated via levers that can be adjusted for improved ergonomics. ABS can be switched on or off by the rider.

Direct Drive
Strip away the clutches, gears, shifting, chains and all their weighty complexities. Seamlessly accelerate with pure efficiency as energy quietly transforms into propulsion. The Zero FXS is direct drive. Its state-of-the-art motor connects directly to the rear wheel using a carbon fiber belt.

Onboard Charger
The Zero FXS’ discreetly accessible 650 W onbaord charger can be plugged into any household outlet. Charge times can be slashed by using an optional Quick Chargers.

The Zero FXS’s precision-built aircraft-grade aluminum frame is an exercise in efficiency. When fully built the minimalist Zero FXS tips the scales at as little as 251 pounds.

Price $8,495 $10,495
City 50 miles (80 km) 100 miles (161 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 20 miles (32 km) 40 miles (64 km)
Combined 29 miles (47 km) 57 miles (92 km)
Peak torque 78 ft-lb (106 Nm) 78 ft-lb (106 Nm)
Peak power 27 hp (20 kW) @ 4,300 rpm 46 hp (34 kW) @ 4,300 rpm
Top speed (max) 85 mph (137 km/h) 85 mph (137 km/h)
Max capacity 3.6 kWh 7.2 kWh
Typical cost to recharge $0.40 $0.81
Charge time (standard) 5.1 hours (100% charged) / 4.6 hours (95% charged) 9.7 hours (100% charged) / 9.2 hours (95% charged)
With max accessory chargers 1.6 hours (100% charged) / 1.1 hours (95% charged) 1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged)
Curb weight 251 lb (114 kg) 293 lb (133 kg)
Seat height 32.9 in (836 mm) 32.9 in (836 mm)
Power pack warranty 5 years/unlimited miles 5 years/unlimited miles

* A “City” range test is specified to determine riding range during “stop-and-go” operation typically found in urban areas. “Highway” range is a value that riders can expect to achieve when riding their motorcycles on a highway at a steady speed of 70 mph (113 km/h). “Combined” or “Highway Commuting” range is when operation consists of 50% stop-and-go operation and 50% operation on urban freeways at a steady speed of 70 mph (113 km/h). The estimates are provided following SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure for On-Highway Electric Motorcycles to provide a reasonable and consistent basis for manufacturers to inform prospective owners of the riding range that can be expected under specified operating conditions. Actual range will vary based upon riding conditions and habits.

** This indicated average cost to recharge a fully drained battery power pack. More often, riders will be charging a partially drained power pack and will have a lower cost to recharge. The formula: Typical Cost to recharge = (average consumer cost per Kwh) x (Power Pack nominal capacity) / (charging efficiency). Charing efficiency is 0.94 for all 2013-later models.

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